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Tamsen Fox

Menehune Wish Pots

Tamsen Fox is an eclectic multimedia fine artist, born and raised in Nu’uanu, schooled at Punahou and resides on O'ahu, Hawaii. Fox has enjoyed a life-long passion for artistic expression. Her parents, Jack and Marliss Fox, noticed her innate artistic ability very early on and nurtured it, sending her to Honolulu Academy of Arts during the summer months. She also danced hula as a girl with the noted auntie Nona Beamer as her kumu, so gourds have always been in her life and continue to be the heartbeat of her world. Tamsen has close ties with her culture and brings forth a deep understanding from her creative world.


Tamsen grows and hand paints these sweet Hawaiian gourds, about 2 inches tall and wide. She also made up the story below.

Legend of the Menehune Wish Pot

Whisper your wish into pot, then replace cork. 
Place by your bed so menehune can come in the middle of the night to cast their magical spell on your wish. In the morning, you can open your wish pot and allow your wish to come into your life. Make a new wish every night.


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