"Gratitude" an original wall hanging by Marilyn Radzat

25" x 10" x 5"


"Blessing Art" pieces are repositories of the highest of energy. In the beginning , Marilyn (a Reiki master) draws a Reiki symbol for abundance, protection and balance and then she "pours" this blessing energy into the piece.

A layering process then begins, a building of energies. Weather it be handwritten French letters from the early 1800's or antique sheet music collected at Paris flea markets, the foundation of personal intention is laid. The antique letters or sheet music are placed over the Reiki Symbol in honor and respect.

Tempered glass is then applied to create the effect of depth.

The piece is completed by the addition of gemstones, antique keys, minerals and treasures, often discovered at French flea markets.

Marilyn's artwork has always been about the discovery, the gathering and the honoring of energies, particularly from our past. She offers a reverence for that which had gone before us. These pieces combine that reverence with the balance and blessing energy that the powerful hidden Reiki symbol gives forth.


Blessing Art pieces are created to radiate the energies of trust, abundance, protection and balance.