Blessings Abound

Blessings Abound


"Blessings Abound" an original piece by Marilyn Radzat, hand sculpted, painted and embilished with rhinestones, antique laces and beadwork, 14" x 71/2" x 6".


Marilyn Radzat has been creating and selling her art for nearly to 40 years. Using a variety of clays, she sculpts the faces and figures witch then becomes the canvas for her unique form of self expression.


As an avid collector, with an eye for treasure in all forms, Marilyn is inspired by everything from antique fabrics and trim from the 1800's, to antique memorabilia and found bones. Marilyn says "I see beauty in everything, and everything has its own story to tell" Marilyn's pieces embody mystery, promise, enchantment and inspiration. 


Marilyn entered the art doll market in the 1980's and her pieces became instantly sought after and collected. Her art can be found in collections around the world.



T: 808-778-6680

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