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Marilyn Radzat

Paintings and sculptures

Marilyn Radzat has been creating art through the figure form for 30 years. Using a variety of clays she hand sculpts the face and figure, which then becomes the canvas for her unique form of self expression.

An avid collector of antique treasure from fabric and trim of the 1800's to antique memorabilia, Marilyn uses these inspirations to layer upon her sculpted forms, adding found objects and nature's elements to the mix. A handwritten page of a French journal from 1882, a rusted key, bridal netting from the turn of the century, beadwork handworked hundreds of years ago all combine their energies, memories and stories to the mystery and enchantment of each piece.

Trained in the healing arts, Marilyn is a Reiki Master and many of her latest pieces carry hidden Reiki blessing symbols and contain healing energy. A chance meeting years ago with a 64th generationTaoist Master inspired Marilyn to study the healing arts and to include the fascinating and powerful aspects of energy work in her art. She often delicately sculpts the fingers and hands into blessing signatures so that the piece not only adorns a collector's home space, but actually imparts an energy healing blessing.

Marilyn's pieces embody mystery, promise, enchantment and inspiration. She entered the art doll market in the late 1980's, and her pieces became instantly sought after and collected. She has shown her work in shows and galleries throughout the United States.

To learn more about Marilyn and see more of her work visit her website here.

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